Fundraising Leadership Development
Fundraising Leadership Development

Fundraising Leadership Development

At Compass, we believe that the ability of any organization to maximize their philanthropic opportunities directly correlates to the strength of their development infrastructure and the quality of their leadership. A highly efficient and effective fundraising operation serves the organization by providing a strong foundation for a successful fundraising program and sustainable philanthropic resources and benefits the leadership, volunteers, and donors who are committed to the future of that organization.

Through our leadership development services, we work with our clients to strengthen the ability of staff and volunteer leadership to further the mission and vision of the organizations with which we work. We achieve this through the following fundraising leadership development services:

Board Development: A strong governing board is a vital part of any successful nonprofit organization. Developing the skills and abilities of individual board members through interactive and team-based work is a focal point of the work that Compass does with our clients.

Organizational Development (OD): Working with information and individuals within your organization, we can develop a variety of OD-based consultations that can assist with strategic planning, annual planning, strengthening interpersonal and interdepartmental communications, and teambuilding.

Leadership Coaching: Leadership can be found at every level of a nonprofit organization. As organizations undergo the profound change that occurs as a strategic plan or campaign is put into action, Leaders often find themselves in need of support. Compass excels at coaching individuals at all levels of the organization in navigating change and helping to lead strategic initiatives for the future of the organizations
they serve.

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