Predictive Indicators for Success

Predictive Indicators for Success

The predictive indicators for success guide the planning study as a means to review where resources should be allocated and how to get the most out of your constituents.

1. Urgent and Compelling Case for Support
To motivate constituents to make the number and size of contributions necessary to meet a significant goal, an organization must:

  • Present a compelling, urgent and justified reason for raising money—based on its vision and mission; and
  • Create a timeframe for success—based on addressing a critical need and/or maximizing a unique opportunity.

During the planning study Compass will assist in developing a Statement of Need which will provide the opportunity to explore the funding potential of the proposed campaign. It will also serve as a precursor to the development of a comprehensive Case for Support.

2. Cultivated Philanthropic Potential
Fundraising success is dependent on securing contributions of specified amounts in the right proportion in relation to an established goal. One of the outcomes of a planning study is to “test” the feasibility of successfully achieving a proposed campaign goal. During this test, the goal is presented in a giving model based on the results of similar successful campaigns. This test provides the information necessary to establish a challenging but achievable campaign goal and develop a specific giving model. These tools will serve as a road map to “winning the campaign on paper."

3. Dedicated and Committed Leadership
In most cases, the available dollars for a successful fundraising campaign are present within an organization’s constituency. The key to success is personal access to individuals who will decide the extent of support given to your organization. Through the planning study process, Compass evaluates the willingness and readiness of individuals to turn their good intentions into meaningful actions in the context of a campaign. Compass is committed to the use of volunteer relationships in successful solicitations. Your volunteer leaders must make the campaign a priority—regardless of other obligations.

4. Strategic Resource Investment
Adequate internal resources are necessary to conduct a successful campaign over and above the organizations ongoing development work. To ensure successful implementation, separate resources must be allocated and a budget must be developed for the fundraising campaign. The planning study will include an exploration of the availability of internal resources to support a significant campaign.

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