Inova Alexandria Hospital Foundation - Client Spotlight

Inova Alexandria Hospital Foundation

Inova Alexandria Hospital Foundation

Client Spotlight

What a Win! Win!
Inova Alexandria Hospital Foundation and Executive Director Mary M. Myers

When The Compass Group helped place Mary M. Myers as Executive Director of the Inova Alexandria Hospital Foundation in 2006, they knew that this partnership would achieve nothing but fundraising success!

Just prior to Ms. Myer’s appointment, Alexandria Hospital launched Project 2010, one of the most ambitious expansion plans the campus has seen in its 139-year history. The Alexandria, VA community is aging far more rapidly than any other part of the Washington, DC region. As of 2010, more than one out of four people (in the Alexandria area) is between the ages of 50 and 65 – the age when devastating health conditions such as heart attacks, strokes, cancer, and chronic conditions are more likely to occur. With that in mind, hospital leadership made an $84 million commitment to expand critical healthcare services that are most demanded by an aging community. The magnitude and scope of such project would require a philanthropic partnership between the hospital and community.

Compass completed a comprehensive fundraising planning study, giving the campaign a roadmap to guide fundraising activity and achieve a $25 million campaign goal. The Foundation partnered with hospital leadership to spread the word about the campus expansion to one philanthropist at a time.

Ms. Myer led the fundraising charge of the Foundation. Her philosophy and practice of building capacity for an organization matched the mission and approach of The Compass Group. Her familiarity with Northern Virginia, coupled with her experience in major gift fundraising, successfully brings the $25 million campaign to a close in December 2011.

Today, Alexandria Hospital can boast about achieving its capital campaign fundraising goal, and even more importantly, appreciate growth within its 1872 Society (annual fund contributions) and estate planning programs. The success of the Project 2010 campaign can also be attributed to perseverance and steadfastness of residents in Alexandria, VA. The Foundation board of directors and a campaign cabinet, comprising a cross-section of community leaders, made healthcare and philanthropy a real priority!

There is no end in sight as to what Ms. Myers can and will continue to do in her partnership with the Inova Alexandria Hospital Foundation. Donors, volunteers, administrators, physicians and patients enjoyed a team approach to fundraising, and The Compass Group is honored to have facilitated the process.

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