National Parks Conservation Association - A Promise Renewed!
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National Parks Conservation Association –
A Promise Renewed!

Only one year ago on June 23, 2011, volunteer leaders, philanthropists, and executive staff joined the National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA) Board of Trustees to kick off the public phase of it Renewing Our Promise campaign. Today, NPCA has secured $120 million of its $125 million fundraising goal to continue its mission “to protect and enhance America’s National Parks for present and future generations.”

Given the economic landscape canvassing the country for the past four years, any nonprofit would marvel at the success of NPCA and the impact its fundraising efforts have on the conservation movement at large.

“Even as the economy slowed and then tumbled, we did not give up or even hit the pause button! Instead, we used those couple of uncertain years just to sustain relationships and keep doing A+ program work. After all, this was NPCA’s first major fundraising campaign, and we weren’t going to let a recession knock it off track,” says NPCA President and CEO Tom Kiernan.

"Given the economic landscape...any nonprofit would marvel at the success of NPCA and the impact its fundraising efforts have on the conservation movement..."

Leadership is what NPCA can attribute most to its prowess in moving a pack of thousand of individuals, corporations, and foundation to invest in the organization. In the preparation phase of the campaign a small group of philanthropists exemplified leadership with seven- and eight-figure contributions. During the quiet phase when prospective donors were most cautious in their philanthropic choices, NPCA competed with sensitivity and consistently demonstrated donor worthiness. And now in the public phase with the end in sight, board members continue to give in the form of challenge matches to encourage broad based giving within a loyal membership.

The campaign has advanced the real work of NPCA – advocacy, public education, and applied science and management – but remains steadfast on three important strategic initiatives:

Protecting and enhancing national and cultural treasures, Helping the National Park Service thrive, and Connecting people with parks.

The Compass Group is honored to have served as campaign counsel to such a recognized national leader in conservation. As NPCA joins the country in celebration of the Centennial of the National Park Service in 2016, it will do so with pride and “Promise” to protect parks for the next 100 years.

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