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Yellowstone Association

Yellowstone Association

Client Spotlight

Founded in 1933, Yellowstone Association, the official partner in education with the National Park Service, fosters the public’s understanding, appreciation, and enjoyment of Yellowstone National Park an its surrounding ecosystem by funding and providing educational products and services.

Achieving its mission of “preservation through education,” Yellowstone Association operates three visitor education divisions which generate millions of dollars that are used to help support educational programs and projects in Yellowstone National Park:

Educational Sales
Conveniently located in park visitor and information centers, Yellowstone Association operates eight bookstores, offering books, films, and games which tell the story about Yellowstone. Visitors take home over 540,000 educational materials each year.

Educational Outreach/Membership
With over 18,000 members who reside in all 50 states and in 29 countries throughout the world, Yellowstone Association’s membership programs allow visitors to continue year-round education about the park.

Yellowstone Association Institute
Each year over 4,500 park visitors participate in courses, seminars, and guided educational trips, ranging from wildlife observation to wildflower identification.

Since its inception, Yellowstone Association has provided more than $10 million to the National Park Service through the proceeds from its educational programs and services. Today, Yellowstone Association had reached its physical capacity to expand any of its programs and services, which in turn, hampers its ability to provide additional aid to the park. As part of its long-range plan, the Board of Directors has authorized a $11.2 million facilities upgrade which will be supported by a volunteer-driven capital campaign, Legacy for Learning.

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