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Fundraising Presentations

The Compass Group offers fundraising presentations and workshops for some of the largest fundraising organizations across the U.S. Below is a list of the top fundraising presentations. Inquire today for more information on having a specific fundraising presentation or workshop presented to your staff/board/volunteers!

The Perfect Ask Inquire Today
This interactive, participatory workshop which explores tried and true strategies for face-to-face solicitations. Using collaboration and role play, participants will understand why donors need to give and how to tailor an approach that is personal and respectful of the donor. Workshop participants are provided with tools and strategies that will make the process more comfortable for our volunteers and successful for the donor.

Building a Better Fundraising Board Inquire Today
The roles and responsibilities of governing boards have become an increasingly complex system. Recruiting the right board members at the right time, challenging them with ways to advance the organization and
then evaluating their effectiveness for success is key. This workshop is designed to teach organization leaders new trends that strengthen their governing board.

Critical Issues for Governing Boards Inquire Today
Volunteer leaders who bear the responsibility of meeting philanthropic revenue goals but operate as a separate entity from the organization's governing board will benefit from this workshop. Participants will learn and discuss the most critical fundraising issues facing today’s foundation boards.

Prospect Research Inquire Today
The science of fundraising requires the identification of enough prospects
at necessary levels in order to increase its chances of meeting major gift objectives. That’s the easy part! Allocating time and resources to qualify prospects is where most organizations stumble. This presentation focuses on the process of identifying, evaluating and cultivating new donor prospects for a healthier major gifts pipeline.

Fundraising 101 Inquire Today
Each year we welcome hundreds of individuals who enter the industry of fundraising professionals. Most of these professionals hit the ground
running and are left with a small learning curve for success. This is a basic primer for new or inexperienced development staff who need to learn how the fundamentals of fundraising fit into the bigger philanthropic picture.

Working Effectively with Volunteers Inquire Today
Volunteers can be a very effective extension of the development team.
This presentation is for development staff and deals with the identification, cultivation, enlistment, utilization, evaluation and stewardship of volunteers.

Building a Strong Case for Support Inquire Today
This workshop not only teaches you how to create an urgent and compelling Case for Support for your organization, but more importantly, how to use it! From the 30-second elevator speech to the keynote speaker, participants gain an appreciation for “story-telling” and how to deliver critical information about an organization and its fundraising efforts.

“To Study or Not to Study” Inquire Today
Nonprofit organizations tend to waste valuable time on whether or not to conduct a feasibility/planning study for an upcoming capital campaign.
Our recommendation is always – just ask (us)! We will explain the value, preparation and conduct of a planning study, readiness assessment and/or development audit. This workshop can serve as a stand-alone session for interested organization leaders or be incorporated into a board retreat for strategic planning purposes.

Managing Major Gift Prospects Inquire Today
This process assumes that you currently have prospects that can be major donors to your organization. Its focus is to provide realistic strategies on
how to appropriately cultivate, involve, solicit and steward those donors. “Moves Management” is part of this process.

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