Can I Fire My Board?

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Can I Fire My Board?

Can I Fire My Board?There are a myriad of reasons to fire a board member—or a number of board members. We have to remember that the board has the fiscal responsibility for the organization. Your nonprofit is a public trust and your board is responsible for it. Governing your organization is challenging to say the least and boards should take that responsibility seriously. That perspective is nurtured by structure, guidelines, expectations, goals and objectives and accountabilities.

Dealing with bad board behavior is a serious issue as it impacts all aspects of board function and productivity—not to mention what it can do to the functioning of the organization as a whole. Don’t take this lightly and sweep the issues under the rug. Board issues need to be dealt with immediately and fairly. If you find yourself in a tough spot, call for help. Take the first step by downloading our white paper now.


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